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Hey Joe--you must be joking

Written By mista sense on Friday, July 8, 2005 | 8:52 AM

Writing about the tragedy in London yesterday, Joe Scarborough decrees to we Americans, "We are not a serious people." Joe needs to spend some time with the Marines in Iraq. If that's an, um, scheduling conflict for him, then he needs to spend some time with the parents of those Marines stateside and tell them that they're not being serious enough about terrorism. Maybe the firefighters and policemen were just goofing off on 9/11, too.

Mr. Moral Authority goes on to write:

"And rock stars replace grim Cassandras like Bush and Churchill as the prophets of pop culture."
For someone who hates pop culture so much, the artistic, Marilyn Monroe-like portrait on his official site sure screams something else! Andy Warhol: the REAL cause of terrorism today.


We are not a serious people Scarborough blogs: "America and its allies are attacked. We promise dramatic measures to repulse the enemy. And in the case of the Nazis or the Taliban, we do just that. Then contentment sets in. " MORE


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