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Information Wants to be Free--on Hannity's America

Written By mista sense on Saturday, January 27, 2007 | 1:43 PM

TV Blend's Kelly West reports on a scoop for Sean Hannity's new show:

"Months after ABC aired the controversial mini-series, ‘Path to 9/11’ Fox News has decided to air a 2 ½ minute segment of the film that was cut out before it was broadcast last September. After Democrats and aids to President Clinton demanded that certain changes be made to the mini-series, many people wondered what exactly they weren’t allowed to see.

"Fox news plans to air the brief clip as part of a 15-minute segment during ‘Hannity’s America’, which will air on the network this Sunday night. Reuters stated that Fox News obtained the footage during a screening of the film that took place last January."

Plenty of controversy here, of course, but here's the point: Information wants to be free. And it is free, on FNC.

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