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Class Struggle

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | 4:24 PM

The modern advances provided by technicks have afforded luxury and convenience to many. But this is not good news to those who fear the high-priced skills are further stratifying the major urban class system.

BHUJERBA-- Clio's Technicks is a solid establishment of Bhujerban moogles with a storied reputation for selection. They were the first to import First Aid from Rabanastre after the war, and diversified their offering with Numerology and Traveler in recent years. Few had cause to complain-- until a recent technick offered for sale opened the floodgates of classism and resentment among the local population.

"Technicks such as this only do good if ya got gil ta toss," complained Offended Seeq, a Lhusu miner. "Seems t'me this kinda thing serves the fancy folk at the expense of us hardworkin' folk."

"There is an epidemic of hunger, strain and overwork in Bhujerba since the mines were exhausted," added Worried Mother, who runs several charitable organizations in the floating city. "I feel that the sale and use of technicks like Gil Toss perpetuates the myth that we can solve problems simply throwing money at them."

Indeed, many have speculated that this is yet another ploy by the money-hungry moogles to secure an even greater monopoly on the world's finances, already having the transportation industry all but secured. The avarice of the moogle race is well-known; even among their kin they accuse one another of price gouging and extortion. Just last year, well-known chocobo purveyor Gurdy denied accusations that she charged unreasonable prices and relegated a fellow moogle to riding a runaway cockatrice when he couldn't pay.

Marquis Halim Ondore IV expressed his approval for the new technick, urging the resolution of disputes. "The use of technicks to increase the standard of living can only benefit each and every one of Bhujerba's citizens," he said, but nobody believed his lies.

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