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Watch Out, Daily Show!

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 | 7:16 PM

Fox News continues to move and groove. In addition to "Red Eye," FNC is also experimenting with a humorous-yet-knowing take on the news, "The Half Hour News Hour," produced by the ultra-hot Joel "24" Surnow--it premiers Sunday night at 10 pm ET.

Here's a sneak peek. It's quickly apparent that there's plenty of room on TV for such material. After all, "Half Hour" sits in a tradition that traces back to such topical comedy shows as "Laugh-In" four decades ago, as well as more recent shows, such as "Saturday Night Live" and, of course, "The Daily Show." That is, in this media-saturated environment, people know the news already--what they are looking for is a fresh take on the news. And if that fresh take is funny and irreverent--and something that people aren't used to, if it's coming from the right, as opposed to the left--then it's likely to be warmly received.

TCG predicts that "Half Hour" will be a big hit.

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