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Damned if you do, and Damned if you're Fox

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 | 1:01 PM

Fox News' Chris Wallace is, by almost everyone's account, a fair-minded reporter who happpens to work at Fox, after many decades at NBC and ABC. So only Newshounds could get itself worked up over the fact that Wallace chose Alyssa Mastromonaco as his DC "power player of the week." She's the chief of scheduling and advance for the Obama for President campaign, and let's face it, everything, and everyone, associated with the Obama campaign is a power player these days. But Newshounds, the lefty media watchdog group, has chosen to get itself all hot and bothered by the notion that Fox is "sucking up" to Obama & Co.

Well, please. Imagine if Wallace had chosen, the chief scheduler for, say, the McCain campaign. Then Newshounds would've said, "There goes Fox again, showering its love on Republicans only." But Fox highlights a Democrat, and still gets zapped.

With some folks, there's no making them happy.

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