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The First Amendment, a Free Press, and the RTNDA

Written By mista sense on Monday, March 5, 2007 | 10:55 AM

The Radio-Television News Directors Association and Foundation does important work. The RTNDA is always involved in issues concerning the First Amendment, as well as general concerns about the quality of electronic journalism.

And while no group like that will be free of controversy, what RTNDA is doing this coming Thursday night, March 8th, is worthy of note: It is honoring four individuals for their contributions to electronic journalism.

First on the RTNDA list is Fox News chief Roger Ailes, who is honored for "First Amendment Leadership." TCG thinks that that's entirely appropriate, since FNC has so expanded the universe of news, and gotten so many people to think about greater possiblities for a diversity of coverage and commentary.

Second and third on the list of honorees are Bob Woodruff and Kimberly Dozier, two TV reporters, of ABC and CBS respectively, who were injured while covering the story of Iraq. While Dozier's injuries were serious--and her two crew were killed--Woodruff nearly died when he was bombed in Iraq, and his recovery has been slow and torturous ever since. His special, on last week, was a must-see.

Fourth on the list is Philip Balboni, the head of the New England Cable News network--who ranks as a significant player in bringing The Cable Game down to the regional level.

This is a wonderful dinner and all who are involved deserve our admiration and/or congratulation.

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