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Capcom Should Really Get Tested

Written By mista sense on Saturday, April 7, 2007 | 8:22 AM

I can't remember where I read it, but I think Hideo Kojima said recently that developing games for multiple platforms results in a product that caters to the lowest common denominator (if anyone's got the link, maybe Gamasutra or Kotaku, do post it). Generally, though, Capcom can be commended for taking its time to tailor different releases of the same game to the strengths of each particular platform. Still, the confirmed dual nature of DMC4 has caused a lather of rage among purists. Look at this and laugh at them.

Anyway, Joystiq reports that Capcom is porting RE4 to Wii next in Japan, with a short-lived Gamestop listing suggesting that a North American release will soon follow. If you liked killing crazy chainsaw broads, and you haven't heard enough Spanish death threats on PS2 and XBox, why not take a stab-- literally-- with the Wiimote? Plus, the Wii tech enables all the cinematic sequences to take place in realtime, which could be cool-- though it remains to be seen whether it makes RE4 worth buying for what will be the third time for many RE fans.

There's also word that Umbrella Chronicles will also be an on-rails shooter, featuring all our favorite characters. All I care about is Wesker. In 480p widescreen. Oh, yes.

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