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Democrats Seek to Blackball the Black Caucus

Written By mista sense on Thursday, April 5, 2007 | 6:43 PM

The Cable Gamer is having a hard time figuring out what the Democrats are doing. According to this blog-item by Kate Phillips in The New York Times, the Democratic National Committee is trying to "de-sanction" an '08 presidential debate on Fox News, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. Imagine: trying to blackball the Black Caucus!

In other words, the DNC, feeling pressure from the same lefty blogs that tried to run Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party, is now seeking to tell the CBC what it can and cannot do. All in the name of some avant-garde lefty vision of ideological purity.

A vision which, by the way, is self-destructive: You win elections by expanding your vote, not trying to purify it. If the Democrats want to win the next election, they should be going on Fox more, not less. After all, Democrats won last year pursuing the "50 state" strategy--including, of course, the 31 "red" states that George W. Bush carried in 2004--envisioned by Howard Dean when he became DNC chairman two years ago. Dean's success accounts for the new Democratic majority in the 110th Congress. We might consider the US Senate, where the Dems' 51:49 majority rests on two freshmen, Jon Tester and Jim Webb, both of whom beat Republican incumbents in Montana and Virginia, respectively.

Foolish politics for the DNC, which had a moment of insight in 2006, but now seems to be reverting to bad and elitist habits.

If they were smart, the Dems would be swarming Fox right now. But they're not, and so they're not.

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