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TV, and Cable News, as the National Hearth

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 | 10:38 AM

Like millions of Americans, I have been watching TV all day yesterday and all day today. It's sort of like sitting beside the collective fireplace, as we all absorb this terrible news.

Two things stand out:

First, I am struck by the fact that so many people knew what to do. That is, they barricaded the doors, and were even smart enough to not stand in front of the door, but to stand to the side, so that if the shooter shot through the door, they would not be hit. So yes, amidst all the tragedgy, there were heroes. As with 9-11, it's heartening to know that there is good, even amidst evil. And one must give TV credit, because people are watching, and learning.

Second, it is important to ask questions affecting public policy--police procedures, emergency response, pre-emptive counseling, gun control, and, of course, public commemoration and healing. There might not be answers yet, but we can at least start asking questions.

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