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You Promised You'd Take Me There Again Someday

Written By mista sense on Saturday, April 21, 2007 | 5:59 AM

Akira Yamaoka, creator of the superior Silent Hill series, dished a couple details on Silent Hill 5 to Gamepro-- really, just a couple. Those itching for more info will just have to jaw on this little gem-- apparently, SH5 "will resemble Silent Hill 2 in the terms of the way the player is directed and the characters' behaviour," according to Yamaoka.

I think that SH2 squeaks out just a hair ahead of SH3 as my fave in the series, and it's because of the lead character. I love the moral ambiguity and the twisted psychosexual storyline and
symbolism. It was quite a bit darker and more elaborate thematically than probably anything else I've ever played on a console; the idea that they might be hearkening back to that a little is good for me to hear!

Can't get enough Silent Hill? Check out Game Informer for an in-depth preview of Silent Hill: Origins for PSP. Though it's being handled by Climax, Konami's apparently keeping a watchful eye, and Yamaoka will oversee the soundtrack-- which is hip, because Silent Hill 3's got some legendary music.
At a glance, Origins sure looks visually faithful!

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