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Leigh Gets Quoted

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 | 7:34 AM

"Hey, everyone, I'm a Business Jerk." That's one of my favorite Simpsons quotes, and speaking of quotes, I was interviewed by Matt Vella for Business Week. He's not a jerk, though.

Vella wrote a really useful and interesting article on the year's big gaming trends, with some interesting and generally unconventional examples beyond the easy grabs. Hopefully Business Jerks will read his article and maybe stop thinking that all the games industry does is kill people or cater to kids. Anyway, the article is also awesome because your girl here is quoted in it, but that's really only a minor percentage of the overall awesome. I wasn't aware Business Week had such cool games coverage, but in fact it does. Yay!

Actually, a lot of gamers themselves are myopic about or resistant to trends like free-to-play or user-generated content. There's a lot about covering the virtual worlds and Web 2.0 space that I frankly really dislike, but doing it has been useful in that it's helped me to get a broader picture of media convergence and emerging trends. I really think that Vella's right on about the way he expects the games biz to evolve, and I've said before that the current models are one foot in the grave, too.

Why the cute Solid and Liquid picture? Why not?

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