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Fox News: The Place for Politics

Written By mista sense on Thursday, April 17, 2008 | 6:25 PM

I will admit, that if your political obsession is making sure that Barack Obama beats Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, then MSNBC is the cable news channel for you. Because that's about all the liberal-moving-left anchors and contributors on MSNBC talk about these days.

But there are other political stories, you know. For example, there's a whole 'nother party out there, called the Republican Party. And if you happen to be interested in the GOP, for any reason, then there's no point in watching MSNBC--unless, of course, you just want to see Republicans bashed all day.

Meanwhile, Business Week's Ron Grover pulled together an intriguing story, under the headline: "VP Hopefuls Out-Fox Each Other/Would-be McCain running mates angle for the Fox Effect at this year's Radio and Television Correspondents Assn. dinner." Grover noted the presence of four possible running mates for John McCain--Mitt Romney (who had the honor of actually sitting with FNC chief Roger Ailes), Mike Huckabee, Joe Lieberman, and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford--at the Radio-Television Correspondents Association dinner in DC last night.

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