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John Gibson, the Premier Truth-Teller About Keith Olbermann!

Written By mista sense on Thursday, April 10, 2008 | 8:52 AM

Keith Olbermann--well, we know about him. And one reason that we know about Olbermann is that his critics are keeping close tabs on him. As Harry Truman once said about an opponent, "If he keeps lying about my record, I am going to have to start telling the truth about his!"

Two important truth-tellers about Olbermann are Olbermann Watch, one of the great single-purpose blogs in existence, and the fearless John Gibson, the FNC veteran, who uses much of his Fox radio show to rebut Olbermann.

For example, just yesterday, Gibson took Olbermann to task for a stunning series of slimy errors and insinuatations about George W. Bush. On his MSNBC show, "Countdown," Olbermann mocked the President for getting teary-eyed at a Medal of Honor award ceremony for Michael Monsoor, a Navy SEAL who died in Iraq saving the lives of three of his buddies. Olbermann mocked the President for his "theatrically" trembling lower lip--in other words, Olbermann accused Bush of faking his emotion. Now one might ask: How does Olbermann know that Bush is faking?

And then, lest anyone get the idea that perhaps Olbermann has some sort of superior level of judgment, KO referred to the award as the "Medal of Freedom." Well, it's the "Medal of Honor," which goes to the military. The Medal of Freedom is a different award altogether, for civilians. In other words, if Olbermann can't get the name right, why should we have any confidence in anything else he says?

Of course, Olbermann's fans don't care--they love him, not because he is accurate, but because he delivers the maximum amount of Bush- and Republican-bashing heard anywhere this side of Air America.

Gibson had more good stuff--it's worth a listen on the Olbermann Watch, a site that's invaluable as a resource for Olbermann material. Even better, of course, is to tune into Gibson's radio show, live, to hear it is it happens.

Aided by OW, John is emerging as the premier truth-teller about KO. That's a dirty job, that's for sure, but somebody has to do it.

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