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Obama and the Madrassah, continued

Written By mista sense on Thursday, April 3, 2008 | 9:32 AM

Last year Fox News, The Washington Times, and other media outlets took a lot of heat for reporting that Barack Obama had attended a Muslim school in Indonesia, and so perforce had been a practicing Muslim. The Obama campaign and its allies in the MSM struck back, hard, denying everything, even as they conceded that yes, he had a Muslim father and a Muslim stepfather, had been registered as a Muslim student, and so on.

Which is to say, loud bluster is not the same thing as effective rebuttal. So now here comes more evidence--from Aaron Klein, writing in WorldNetDaily, under the headline: "Obama was 'quite religious in Islam'/Contemporaries, records dispute campaign claim that he was never 'practicing Muslim'"

WND reports, you decide!

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