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"Clinton Camp Chides NBC"

Written By mista sense on Thursday, May 8, 2008 | 4:48 AM

That's the headline above the Howard Kurtz item in The Washington Postthis morning. And here's the verbatim:

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton's top aides have long been angry at MSNBC for coverage they consider blatantly pro-Obama.

But the final straw seems to have come Tuesday night, when Tim Russert, NBC's Washington bureau chief, declared on MSNBC: "We now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be, and no one is going to dispute it." Other MSNBC pundits agreed, and Russert repeated the verdict yesterday, saying that barring a collapse by Barack Obama or an act of God, "this race is over."

In an e-mail yesterday, Jay Carson, Clinton's press secretary, told NBC's political director Chuck Todd: "Can you think of one good reason we should continue to cart you guys around the country with us, given that your network has declared the entire race over?"

No wonder Bill O'Reilly calls NBC "Obama HQ." It's now obvious that the Clinton campaign agrees. If Obama does end up winning the Democratic nomination, we'll find out what the viewers--and voters--think about the coverage, and the candidate such coverage created.

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