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CNN Follows MSNBC in Sucking Up To Obama

Written By mista sense on Monday, May 5, 2008 | 8:42 PM

Credit must go to AP's David Bauder for first catching CNN anchor John Roberts as he declared that his interview with Barack Obama would be a "Reverend Wright-free zone." And secondary credit must go to TV Newser, which played up the Bauder story.

But neither Bauder nor Newser seem willing to come grips with the real news here: CNN is now following the Obama-philic lead of MSNBC in an obvious attempt to curry favor with Obama, and his supporters.

You know, Keith Olbermann and the rest of gang at "Obama HQ," who are doing their best to win the Democratic nomination for Obama.

And now malleable reporters are falling into line. A reporter such as Roberts (pictured above) undoubtedly has conventional enough liberal views--he did, after all, work at CBS News under Dan Rather. Moreover, Roberts is undoubtedly tired and fearful of netroots nastiness. And so the solution, if one can call it that is, to not only fail to ask Obama the tough questions about his associations, but to actually go so far as to brag to their lefty viewers that they are taking a dive on Obama.

So now CNN is following the lefty lead of MSNBC. That might be good for ratings, but John, it is a pathetic abdication of the journalistic mission.

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