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Fox Biz comes into its own-owning the government secrecy story

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 | 4:13 PM

Fox Business has had far and away the best coverage of the Obama administration's secrecy on financial issues, most obviously, the administration of the billion-dollar bailouts.  FBN has bravely filed lawsuits demanding full disclosure, while arch-rival CNBC has been cautious in the extreme--perhaps because CNBC, part of GE, and thus a corporate cousin to GE Capital, a big bailout recipient.

No wonder investing legend Jim Rogers referred to CNBC as a "PR agency" this morning. On CNBC, no less--tee hee. 

But back to FBN.  Adam Shapiro has been spearheading the upstart channel's full-disclosure efforts--just to watch him on the tube, and his wiry-nerdy good looks, one gets the feeling that he is a tenacious fighter.  But to watch him square off today against Liz MacDonald, one gets the feeling of being present at the creation--creation of a major player in financial journalism.   Adam, on the right, and Liz argued about the exact nature of a new Security and Exchange Commission secrecy policy, while David Asman kept score, but the winner was the viewer, who got the benefit of Adam's journalism, and then got to watch him defend his position.

Good news-digging, good TV.

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