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Kathleen Parker plays her role as faux conservative--CNN eats it up.

Written By mista sense on Monday, July 26, 2010 | 7:32 PM

Kathleen Parker, by her own admission, won a Pulitzer Prize for playing her role as the conservative who bashes conservatives--in particular, her bashing of Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign.  In addition, Parker was rewarded with a gig on CNN, opposite Eliot Spitzer.  Mindful of where her loyalties really lie, Parker now spends most of her time bashing still more conservatives, and conservative causes.   A case in point is her latest column, in which she seeks to minimize the Journolist scandal--the big story broken by The Daily Caller.  Every real conservative recognizes Journolist as a big story.  But not Parker, who labels the Journolist scandal a "so-called conspiracy."  It's a real conspiracy, Ms. Parker, to every real conservative.

Of course, Parker is entitled to her opinion--or to the opinion that Manhattan liberals pay her to have.  But she is not free to take the money of those Manhattan liberals and still call herself an honest conservative.   But of course, even as Parker expresses liberal views, she still has to convince CNN suits, led by Jon Klein, that she's a credible conservative.   Fortunately for her, Klein is probably too obtuse to know what a real conservative looks like, but real conservatives will call Parker on her liberal suck-up-ness.

Which reminds The Cable Gamer: Erick Erickson, why are you still working for CNN?   Have you no pride?   Don't you understand that you are just a tool for the liberals at CNN? 

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