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Alex Weprin (partially) calls out B.S. artist Rachel Maddow on her B.S.

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | 6:21 PM

  On TV Newser today, Alex Weprin lets Rachel Maddow say her piece--as usual, an anti-Fox screed--and calls Maddow out on some of her errors, but not all of them. 

Maddow rattles off her accusations against Fox:

I have been talking for awhile about the Fox strategy of scaring white people in order to score political points and benefit conservative politicians," Maddow says. "And one of the hallmarks is that their most potent 'scare-white-people' stories are not real news stories. They're stories that they invent out of thin air. That's true about ACORN. That's true about the Shirley Sherrod case. That's true about the fake New Black Panther Party thing. That's true about Van Jones.

Did Maddow really say that all those stories were "invent[ed] out of thin air"?  Wow.  It would seem to me that each and every one of those stories checks out just fine--except for Shirley Sherrod.  But then, as Weprin notes, the Sherrod story, while it was faked up, was NOT faked up by Fox News Channel.  FNC didn't touch the story until after Sherrod was forced out by the Obama administration, when, of course, it was big news. 

While Weprin lets Maddow get away with murdering the truth on ACORN, New Black Panthers, and Van Jones, at least he corrects her on the Sherrod story:

Of course, as has been documented, Fox News the network did not cover Shirley Sherrod in a manner that would be considered inappropriate, although FoxNews.com did.

So at least some pushback from Weprin.  That's something.  But plenty of Maddow B.S. was left uncorrected.   The Cable Gamer gives Alex a C+ for this particular story.

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