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Jeff Zucker: The Negative $600 Million Man.

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | 9:13 AM

We all remember the TV show, "The Six Million Dollar Man," from the 70s.  Well, there's been a lot of inflation since then, and besides, back in the 70s, Jeff Zucker was just a pup.   Who knew that 30 years later, he would grow up to lead a TV network into negative territory--really negative territory.   As The Hollywood Reporter's George Szalai details, a Wall Streeet analyst, Matthew Harrigan, estimates that NBC is a $600 million for NBCU.  Wow.  Nice work, Jeff.  It must've taken all your "talent" to put a TV network into permanent red ink.  Of course, you have had six years to work on it--Conan, etc.    But no more.

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