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John Roberts gets snippy With Kiran Chetry--on air!

Written By mista sense on Saturday, September 18, 2010 | 6:40 PM

Who knows what the back story is, here, but it's all pretty amusing, as reported by The Krak, between John Roberts and Kiran Chetry.  Knowing what she knows about Chetry, The Cable Gamer assumes that it was Chetry's fault, but TCG freely concedes that it was Roberts who was made to look bad. The screengrab above shows Robert chastizing Chetry off camera.   Here's the Krak's report: 

As Roberts introduced Pres. Obama’s senior adviser, he seemed distracted. “Let me ask you first of all,” pause, smile, restart. “Let me ask you first of all, David, if I could, before we get into the…”

Full stop. Then, Roberts turned to where Chetry was sitting next to him (she had been on camera earlier in the segment), and said, with Axelrod still in the double-box shot: “Would you mind not doing that while I’m talking? Thank you, I appreciate that.” Then, added for emphasis and sarcasm, “If you don’t mind.”

And then back to the interview. Chetry and Roberts anchored together later that week, but this week Roberts has been off and Chetry only returned today (paired with Drew Griffin). So, uh, some tension over there on American Morning? I think it’s safe to say Roberts enjoys this on-air pairing a little more. 

There's more juice in this lemon.  Stay tuned!  

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