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Jon Klein: "I got shot." The Cable Gamer: "No, you got bad ratings."

Written By mista sense on Friday, September 24, 2010 | 2:42 PM

New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman gets a great quote out of ex-CNN-er Jon Klein: "People get shot in our business.  I got shot."

In so saying, Klein shows more imagination, metaphorically, than he ever showed at CNN, in reality.

By saying, "I got shot," Klein is using a vivid turn of phrase that guarantees he will be quoted sayig it. suggests an element of randomness, as in being at the wrong place at the wrong time during a gang war.  Not his fault.  Or maybe he is suggesting that he was hit by a stealthy sniper.   Once again, not his fault. 

The illustration above is Klein's head on the body of the great actor Edward G. Robinson, star of the 1931 movie, "Little Caesar."  Robinson's character is killed at the end of the film, in a gangland hit.  As he dies, he utters the famous line, "Is this the end of Rico?"  And, of course, it is--for Rico.

But don't worry about Klein.  No doubt he'll do fine, thanks to a big severance package, courtesy of long-suffering Time Warner shareholders.  Unless, of course, he keeps talking--because one of the rules of gangland is that you're not supposed to squeal.   And the same rule applies to severance agreements.  And yet Klein is obviously squealing; maybe his desire to preserve some of his dignity, if not his reputation, is inspiring him to tell his side of the story.

And yet those words of his--"I got shot"--are going to be a magnet for magazine writers, looking to write juicy post-mortems on his catastrophic tenure at CNN; we'll see if Klein can resist the urge to dish, even knowing that such dishing could cost him some of his severance money. 

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