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The Official SVGL Banner Gallery Is Here!

Written By mista sense on Saturday, September 11, 2010 | 9:45 PM

I swap SVGL's design and banner header a lot. It's, like, a 'thing' I do. Over the years, I've accrued a massive gallery of SVGL banners, most made by me, but with plenty of gifts from readers and friends. Unfortunately my hard drives have been fickle things, and I've been unable to hang onto all of them (I lost a big zip file last year full of gift banners).

Lots of you enjoy the little visual bonuses, and I've been asked many times over the years to create a gallery of the site's banners. I finally went ahead and did it, and here it is! I made 'em unless otherwise noted in the image title.

I have tried to credit creators where I knew them. There are a couple there that were given to me and I, embarrassingly, cannot remember who the artist was. If you gave me a banner and yours is not credited or is miscredited, please please email me. If you gave me a banner I've used and you don't see it there, please re-send for inclusion in the gallery. If you are credited and do NOT want your name used, that's totally fine too, just shoot me a mail.

I love these pictures. I may at any time re-use any of the ones that are in there, too, because as much as I love to change up the design here regularly, some of those are just way too fun never to be seen again!

I felt a little nostalgic assembling this gallery, so I hope it's not too cheesy if I deliver you all a sincere thanks for being part of Sexy Videogameland. Game journalism is my full-time career, and sometimes floods my life even more than I want it to. But I started this blog with the hope of making that happen, and it happened for me in great part because of you guys. Because you thought it was worth reading, because you gave me your feedback and you liked "being here" with each other and because you supported my work. Most of you probably weren't "here" in the beginning, but I know some of you were, so thanks. A million.

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