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Written By mista sense on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | 4:22 PM

If you don't recognize SVGL's new banner, get up to date! I'm more excited about Catherine than I've been about any other "well, I don't know too much about it but this seems awesome" title in some time, so I'm very psyched at the Catherine banner made for me by Cristopher Boyer.

Nice work, eh? Cristopher is Detroit's IGDA coordinator, and is CEO and co-founder of media development company Variant. His work involves helping nurture and support new game development, web and tech businesses in Michigan -- "It's all about the new economies here right now," he tells me. Good lookin' out, Cristopher, and thanks so much for the banner.

As always, past banners by me and by wonderful generous gift artists can be seen at the official Sexy Videogameland banner gallery!

A little while back, fellow Atlus fan Colette Bennett wrote at Gamasutra about why she's looking forward to the game so much and the kinds of themes and interactions she thinks have the potential to emerge. Check it out.

What I've done regarding Catherine is, uh. Despite having an embarrassment of riches in my "to play" pile, I have been diligently aiming to finish Persona 3 Portable, and when I encountered Vincent's little cameo in the game...

Okay. I don't know what's lamer. That I made a YTMND, that I am showing everyone, or that I keep loading it up so that I can laugh at the thing. That I made. Yeah. Well, here you go.

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