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Fox News trumps MSNBC: "Move Forward" beats "Lean Forward." Will "Lean Forward" be the "New Coke" of our time?

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 | 7:03 PM

So MSNBC has launched this idiotic "Lean Forward" ad campaign, directed by Spike Lee, the most overrated director of our time, a man who hasn't had a hit movie in decades, but who continues to rake in money because of guilt-ridden p.c. liberals--such as those at MSNBC and NBC.   The "Lean Forward" ads were stupid enough in and of themselves, with their weird buzzwords--see screen grab, below:

What does "listen closer" mean?   And where does the yellow-and-black color scheme come from?  What does that two-tone have to do with any sort of extant branding at MSNBC?  None, of course.  But the liberal dopes at MSNBC are undoubtedly happy because they've got Spike Lee on their team.  Meanwhile, elsewhere, even by Jon Stewart, the ad campaign has been widely mocked. 

Yet who better to do the mocking than Fox itself?  Now, as Alex Weprin of TV Newser, among many others, reports, Fox has come back with a promo campaign of its own, based on the idea that "move" is a better verb than "lean."  Of course it is.   As Fox says, “We don’t stand around, we don’t lean against a wall, we break the wall down. We move… Forward."

It's almost as if MSNBC set out to create the set-up for a FNC punchline: MSNBC says, "Lean Forward," and Fox comes right back with, "No, MOVE Forward."   It's so obvious whichis better.
The Cable Gamer predicts that MSNBC's "Move Forward" ad campaign will not last long.  It might last a bit longer than the MSNBC careers of Alan Keyes, Phil Donahue, or Michael Savage, but on the other hand, maybe not. 

TCG thinks that this ad campaign is headed the way of "New Coke," one of the great bombs of the 80s.

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