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Megyn Kelly, being glamorous--and honest.

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | 1:49 PM

From the November issue of Glamour mag:

Of course, no one breaks into a new industry and starts at the top.  “You have to earn the big job,” says Kelly, who freelanced once day a week as a reporter for ABC, covering events like car-jackings while still working as a lawyer.  Soon, people noticed her, and 10 months later she was offered a full-time on-air position – a job she turned down because, by then, Kelly had upped her own ante: She wanted to work for a national program.  She sent her tape to FOX News Channel, which hired her as a reporter in the D.C. bureau.  Two and a half years later she was tapped as co-anchor of the morning show America’s Newsroom, and that led to her current job as host of FOX’s America Live, the highest-rated cable news show in its time slot.  “You can’t just coast along,” she says.  “You need to be extraordinary.  If you want a promotion or a raise, ask yourself, ‘How can I behave in a way to get my boss to believe I deserve one?”  How to do that in a way that sill allows you to have a life?  “It’s all about prioritizing,” says Kelly.  I’m not out every night.  You won’t see me at a lot of red-carpet events.  In my free time, I go home to my husband and son.”

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