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Parker Spitzer: "Freak show unbearable to watch"

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | 6:35 AM

Andrea Peyser lets loose on "Parker Spitzer."  The Cable Gamer actually agreed with Eliot Spitzer last night when he opened the show with a monologue on the need to fire Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, but we don't need Client #9 to tell us that--everyone else knows it, too.

As for Kathleen Parker, she scored a Pulitzer by attacking Sarah Palin, thereby pandering to the MSM and the Liberal Establishment, so of course, it was inevitable that she would continue to attack Palin on the show--she called her a "tease" twice within the first 5 minutes of the show.  Parker demanded--who is she to demand anything?--that Palin announce right now whether or not she is running for president.   That led Spitzer to wonder aloud: Why should Palin be treated any different from all the other '12 Republican possibilities?   Of course, Parker didn't have an answer.

So much for their alleged chemistry!

The Cable Gamer did enjoy the segment with Elizabeth Warren, the anti-bank/pro-consumer advocate, now working, on a temporary basis, for the Obama administration, setting up the new consumer protection agency.   It's Warren who should have her own show, not Parker.

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