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David Brock: "I was a liar and a fraud."

Written By mista sense on Monday, December 20, 2010 | 5:33 PM

 David Brock spinning his 1993 book, The Real Anita Hill: The Untold Story, in his subsequent 2002 book, Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative :

"I was a liar and a fraud in a dubious cause. My foundations were irrevocably shaken. I could see that my reportorial method in The Real Anita Hill was shoddy, not only in the sources I trusted but in the obvious fact that I had missed significant evidence that showed that Hill's testimony was more truthful than Thomas' flat denials after all. My version of the Thomas-Hill controversy was wrong, my belief in it as truth was a delusion. Perhaps the errors of The Real Anita Hill could be attributed to journalistic carelessness, ideological bias, and my misdirected quest for acceptance from a political movement. In the review of Strange Justice, however, to protect myself and my tribe from the truth and consequences of our own hypocrisy, smears, falsehoods, and cover-ups, I consciously and actively chose an unethical path. I continued to malign Anita Hill and her liberal supporters as liars. I trashed the professional reputations of two reporters for reporting something I knew was correct. I coerced an unsteady source, I knowingly published a lie, and I falsified the historical record." -- page 270.

So why does anybody believe this person?  And why do they give him money?  Oh, I know: Because they are confident that if he lied once, he'll lie again, for his new paymasters, such as George Soros

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