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Jenna Lee brightens the Fox News Channel!

Written By mista sense on Saturday, February 26, 2011 | 4:42 PM

Amidst all the disturbing news from around the cable news world--not to mention the rest of the world--it's nice to see someone working hard and getting ahead.  For example, there's Fox's Jenna Lee, who now co-anchors with Jon Scott on weekday mornings.   Recently an article on here appeared in the Santa Barbara News Press--the paper was eager to catch up with Lee, a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara.  At age 30, Lee is among the youngest of national anchors.

Her career has taken her from a UCSB front desk to a national anchor chair in just a few years.  The article is behind a pay wall, but here are a couple of photos, and some of the more interesting quotes from reporter Dave Mason's piece.
"I was a nerd, big time!" Ms. Lee confessed. "I really loved school, big time. I loved going to class and spending a lot of time in the library."

And this, too:

"My mother said, 'There's no new story, only new people.' She's right, especially in politics,"   Ms. Lee said. "There will always be political infighting. What makes it different are the people.    I feel any politician you talk to is challenging," she said. "Most of the time, they have talking  points. But they're always interesting interviews. You never know what you're going to get."

So true!  But now Fox Fans know a little bit more about what they get from noon to 1 pm ET.

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