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Written By mista sense on Thursday, February 10, 2011 | 1:26 PM

Mediaite's Colby Hall has a great eye for the ridiculous--in this case, that means Cenk Uygur, the latest "star" at MSNBC.   As the headline in Colby's piece reads, "Cenk Uygur Targets Fox News While Still Trailing CNN."  And of course, Colby has a point.   Uygur has no case to make.

But perhaps there's a bit of ratings method to Cenk's madness:

Still, Uygur’s comments about chasing Fox News is the sort of fearless red meat that has made him popular amongst his progressive audience, and it demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice a safe and cautious route if it means he’s going to win. 

Yet one wonders what Comcast will think of this kind of belligerence--is this the tone that Steve Burke and the Roberts Family wants to see infect their entire company? 

Still, the Fox media operation had the best response, as recorded by Colby:

When contacted by Mediaite, a rather nonplussed FOX spokesperson said, “What’s a Cenk Uygur?”

Indeed, there's no reason to learn much about Uygur yet.  Let him get all the way up to #2, and then we can think more about him.

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