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The Return of the King--Larry, that is.

Written By mista sense on Monday, February 21, 2011 | 12:45 PM

Admittedly, The Cable Gamer does not have her own show, but if she did, the last person she would have on is Larry King.  King's a nice enough guy, but he was always famous for not being interesting--that's why he asked the questions.  And in recent years, it was obvious even to loyal viewers that he was disengaged from his own show.    And that reluctance to book King would go double-quadruple-octuple if I were Piers Morgan.  How can Morgan, who replaced King, think of himself as something new when just a few weeks after he launches his new show, he books King?  And makes a big deal about it, as Mediaite's Mark Joyella reports.  

It sure seems to me that there are more interesting guests to be found--to talk about everything from Libya to Scott Walker to the Grammys.  None of which, I am sure, King has kept up with.   I guess it just shows how desperate Morgan must be.

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