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The Daily Caller Notes David Brock's "guerrilla war" and

Written By mista sense on Sunday, March 27, 2011 | 1:36 PM

The Daily Caller's Steven Nelson notes the Politico article yesterday, in which David Brock called for "sabotage" against Fox and the News Corporation.  That sure looks like tortious interference to The Cable Gamer, but Nelson plays up the "opposition research" angle instead.  That angle is in the Politico story, of course, but talking of "oppo" makes David Brock's mad plan seem more like politics, as opposed to illegality and liability. 

Encouragingly, as of the time of this posting, 302 people had "liked" it on Facebook.  So people are starting to pay attention to Brock's attack on the First Amendment and the rule of law. 

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