Written By mista sense on Monday, April 11, 2011 | 7:35 AM

Clearly I've been thinking lots lately about how your relationship to games changes as you grow older. Games are changing as they grow too, and that has a lot to do with it. (I mentioned "Why Don't I Lose Myself In Games Anymore?" from Kotaku yesterday and if you've been following the FFVII Letters, you'll recognize some of the themes).

Besides the stuff I've already shown you, I've also found a slightly more obnoxious way to state my impatience with modern roleplaying games. If you follow my Twitter feed, you might have heard of Suparna Galaxy. For background, here's a helpful transcription of the conversation that started it all. Then we began to take it really seriously, and a big group of us made a wiki of lore for our fake game world.

Now we have done a podcast with the excellent Big Red Potion crew. There is professional voice acting. There is soundtrack material. And we thusly offer ourselves for interview as the developers on the project. We are very, very serious. I can't explain it. You should just listen.

And in more straitlaced commentary on the changing gamer, I've done a Gamasutra editorial today about the portable platform market and how, with his comments about how people are "too old" for the Nintendo DS, Jack Tretton suggests Sony might be misidentifying the market a little. Still really want an NGP, naturally. I get gadget-lust easily.

In other craziness, I am apparently a centerfold. Look, ma! In good fun, I participated in GayGamer's 'PlayNerd Centerfold of the Month', following in the tough-to-follow footsteps of friends of mine like Anthony Carboni and Andy Schatz and gave an interview and did a photoshoot. I had so much fun, as the team there's so cool.

Today's Good Song: via Pasta Primavera, Loud Valley, 'The Refrain' -- there is a Red Dead vibe here, I think.

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