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So Joseph P. Lindsley, this is what you got--14 news stories. Wow. All of 14. Was it really worth throwing away your career for that?

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 | 7:56 AM

Joseph P. Lindsley seems to have thrown away his career in conservative politics for a measly 14 stories, all in liberal or media-trade publications.   See screengrab above of a Google search--"all 14 news articles."    The other 60 stories found in the search for "Lindsley" were about other individuals named Lindsley--hopefully, for their sakes, they aren't related to the scurvy Joseph P. Lindsley.  

Lindsley's nasty stab-in-the-back attack on Roger Ailes, and his wife, Beth Ailes, which appeared in Gawker, got him brief squibs in avowedly liberal outlets such as The New Republic and Salon--it's no surprise that they ate it up, even if they didn't add anything to the original Gawker story.   And the item also received brief mention in a few industry-specific publications, such as MediaBistro and Mediaite.

But there was nothing in any conservative publication.  Nor did the Washington Post or the New York Times mention the story.    The story might get picked up here and there, but there is no evidence that anyone wants to talk to Lindsley himself.   And why should anybody want to talk to him?   After a brief stint as editor of two upstate New York newspapers that Beth Ailes owns, Lindsley proved himself to be an ingrate to both Aileses; the couple even produced a glowing thankyou letter from Lindsley at the end of his work for them, which reads in part, "Thanks for everything you've done for me . . . Thanks also for the generous bonus, the Ireland trip, and everything else—the list is long, including all the excellent home-cooked meals!"  Those words, written as Lindsley was leaving their employ, don't sound like the words of someone who has been ill-treated--just the opposite, in fact.

So we can reasonably conclude, too, that Lindsley is a liar, or else maybe he is delusional.   Yesterday, The Cable Gamer asserted that Lindsley would fit right in with David Brock at Media Matters--but a look at the MM site this morning finds no mention of Lindsley and his allegations.  So maybe nobody, but nobody, wants anything to do with Lindsley and his grotesque fantasies. 

In fact, there seems to be something of a career pattern, here, with Lindsley.  Sources tell TCG that Lindsley also left his previous job, at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a conservative college-oriented group, under cloudy personal circumstances.

And speaking of conservative college-oriented groups, TCG just checked in on the Student Free Press Association's website, where Lindsley is the vice chairman--vice chairman of a group with four staffers, all of whom seem to be part-time at best and more likely simply honorific.  But interestingly, the SFPA site still lists Lindsley as "editor-in-chief of the Putnam County Courier and the Putnam County News & Recorder in New York"  He's not either of those things, of course, and has not been for a long time.   But obviously news travels slow at the SFPA.  Or perhaps the guy with the password to the website went on spring break.    In other words, SFPA is a smalltime organization, run by a punk.

But SFPA is surely the last conservative organization that will want anything to do with Lindsley.

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