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David Brock escalates his harassment campaign against Fox and the News Corporation

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | 4:11 AM

David Brock's Media Matters has opened up a new front in its campaign of "guerrila war" and "sabotage" against Fox New' parent company, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.   Brock has established a new site, NewsCorpWatch.org.   (That's Rupert on the right, and his son and apparent successor, James Murdoch, on the left.)

It's mostly stuff repurposed from the Media Matters site, and so there's nothing new here, but it's yet another indicator of George Soros' obsessive effort to destroy Fox as a way of aiding Barack Obama's re-election.

But is there any chance that this new Brock campaign will succeed?   TCG doesn't think so.  Brock's idea is to try to intimidate the Murdochs, father and son, into backing down and throwing Fox over the side.  TCG sees no chance of that happening, because the Murdoch family didn't get to where it got by giving into pressure.  If anything, Brock's campaign will get the family's back up.

Rupert became a hero by standing up to left-wing pressure in the 80s, when he heroically stood down a militant-led strike against the Times of London, which sought to derail not only Rupert and the News Corp., but also Margaret Thatcher and her Tory revolution in the UK.

James was barely a teeneger when all that happened, but surely he remembers the events well.  That was when Rupert became a hero to many around the world.  Indeed, it's fair to say that the unique mission of the News Corp.--to tell it like it is, apart from the liberal-left herd--was established back in London in the mid-80s.  That's the heroic legacy on which Fox News was founded--a firm bedrock of steely Murdoch resolve. 

And now a quarter-century later, the Murdoch family confronts another effort by the organized left--in a new guise this time--to destroy the News Corp., and the Murdoch family, and all that it has achieved.

We all know where Rupert stands.   But TCG is confident that James will be just as resolute as his father, saying to David Brock, "Go jump in a lake!"

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