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News From E3

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | 12:23 PM

I'm sitting on the floor of a very crowded press room, preparing to go see BioShock Infinite, which I am beginning to suspect will be the GREATEST VIDEO GAME IN THE UNIVERSE. So I'll make this quick with a few key stats:

Favorite Games I've Played So Far: Rayman, Ghost Recon, El Shaddai
Best Press Conference: Microsoft
Most-Heard Marketing Song: Kanye West, Power (as predicted by Sam Kennedy)
Most Attractive Employees: Ubisoft
Favorite Hands-Off Demos: BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light
Bands Publishers Like To Play At Press Conferences: Los Campesinos, LCD Soundsystem, The Kills, Tokyo Police Club, Yeasayer
Celebrities Seen At Press Conferences (Including video): Peyton Hillis, Ice-T, Drake, Lil' Wayne
Number Of Drinks I Had Last Night: 7

I've written up Microsoft's conference, EA's conference, and an interview about Dead Island so far, much more to come.

Finally, they are giving out copies of the beautifully-redesigned new EDGE at E3, so if you have one my column is on page 32.

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