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Chetry Discovers Ferriter is a Ferret--After It's Too Late

Written By mista sense on Friday, February 16, 2007 | 9:14 PM

So Kiran Chetry managed to wreck her career, thanks to an agent with the apt name of Ferriter--as in ferret. Ferret-er--oops, I mean, Ferriter--tried to play hardball with Roger Ailes and Fox, and ended up getting his client fired from the #1 cable news network. Talent should know that it's fine to have an agent, but agents have a way of going way beyond what's best for talent, in pursuit of their 10 percent of an ever-bigger number. Unfortunately, in getting greedy, agents often leave their clients holding the bag--the bag of you know what.

The best coverage comes from FTVLive, and it's worth considering in full:

TV Agent Demands Fox News fire Gretchen Carlson

William Morris Agent John Ferriter wanted Fox News to fire his client's main competition at the network and his client ended up getting the boot instead.
Sources say that Ferriter who had recently started representing Kiran Chetry asked Fox News to fire Gretchen Carlson so his client could have her job on Fox and Friends.

Fox responded with an angry letter and told Ferriter that they were terminating their agreement with Chetry.

Sources tell FTVLive that Chetry was making in the $300,000+ a year at Fox News. Fox offered to bump her salary to $400,000 in the next contract (not a bad raise at all). Sources say Ferriter countered with a salary north of $700,000 and that the network can Carlson and give his client her job.

At that point sources tell FTVLive that Fox News issued the letter saying that Ferriter was not bargaining in good faith and that Chetry was done at Fox News.
Insiders tell FTVLive that Ferriter claimed to Fox News that Chetry had offers at CNN and MSNBC for much more money than they were paying her. One source tells FTVLive that CNN has not made a commitment on Chetry and that MSNBC has made a low ball offer that would pay her much less than what she was currently making at Fox.
Looks like Ferriter tried to play hardball with Roger Ailes and now his talented client is unemployed.

And to think that some people say TV Agents are bad.

We know of one that certainly is.

So, according to FTVLive, Chetry is really shafted. She is on her way to CNN, with an agent who badly misplayed her hand for her.

Meanwhile, FNC movies on: Courtney Friel has joined Fox, effective immediately, it was announced on Friday, joining the Kelly Boys--co-hosts Kelly Wright and Greg Kelly.

Friel has been all over; from E! to Nickelodeon; most recently, at KPSB, the CBS affiliate in Palm Springs,

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