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All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 | 12:55 PM

Hey, I guess after almost three decades we're finally considered a "real" market, game guys and gals. Late-to-the-party Nielsen has now made a report just for us, titled "The State of the Console." According to the report, more than half of Americans who own TVs have at least one video game console in the home. Try not to snicker at the liberal use of the phrase "console penetration." That conjures up all kinds of unsightly images of boys who love their box way too much.

Trigger-thumbs are still the most prevalent in the typical demographic, with 80% of guys 12-17 getting their game on. Two-thirds of the male 18-34 set are doing it too.

Only 23% of gamers are chicks. In the 18-34 group, we're a disappointingly flimsy 9%. Once we hit 35, apparently, more than half of us drop the flag and stop playing. One more reason I SHALL NEVER HAVE BABIES.

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