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GTA IV: Oh My Gosh, I Live Here!

Written By mista sense on Friday, March 30, 2007 | 9:05 AM

Predictably, everyone's in a lather about GTA IV. The hysteria of impotent dork Jack Thompson (apparently this guy is some kind of swampland politico, if we're pretending people from Florida are relevant) Public transit ads for Vice City Stories have sparked bans in cities like Portland and Boston on the advertising of M-rated games on subways, trains and buses. We subway mole-people of New York are inundated with subway advertising everywhere we go Cable staples like The Sopranos and feminist whorefest Sex and the City, and UPN face-slapping soap sleaze sitcoms are common fare, and so are blood-spattered posters and banners for mutilation-horror films like The Hills Have Eyes and the Saw series, and it's probably the same everywhere else. But apparently a promo poster for a video game is too scandalous for public consumption.

Before you start crying about freedom of information, or censorship, or whatever your rally flag is, Rockstar's shuttin' you down, too. Apparently they're putting the kibosh on any site that's airing game videos, including trailers. If you want to catch a glimpse, you can try their official site (if you can get through). Better be over 18, though, because they make you put in your birthday! Yeah, that's gonna work.

I am an underground revolutionary as I bring you these images-- confirming "Liberty City" as the likely setting, with a lifelike rendition of New York, and a peek at the main character, who looks like a hardcore Russian immigrant with a chip on his shoulder. Now, as winter melts into Spring, join me in getting excited over a game that we won't even be able to play until it starts getting cold again.

I must say, I'm psyched that the setting is going to be a realistic New York. I really hope they put my mafia-controlled, heroin-addled, thug-controlled and rap-infused Spanish Harlem neighborhood in there. It would be like walking home from the subway every day, except when I'm struck with the urge to steal a car, drive it into a pawn shop storefront and shoot some gangsters, I actually can!

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