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Rick Kaplan--Here's why your friendship with the Clintons matters...

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 | 6:12 AM

...Because, Rick, you actively help them in their political campaigns.

Kaplan told The Philadelphia Inquirer's ace TV columnist, Gail Shister, that he finds it "astounding" that critics would express concern about his friendship with the Clintons, and how it might affect his editorial choices as the new exeuctive producer of the CBS Evening News.

As Kaplan explained to the Inky, "They're definitely my friends, but I'm friends with John McCain, too. If you're around long enough, you get to know everybody." Well maybe, but some friends are more equal than others--and Kaplan didn't mention, say, his friendship with Newt Gingrich or Tom DeLay.

In fact, as Lowell Ponte has documented, Kaplan has been a liberal Democratic political partisan all his career, culminating in his help to the Clintons. That it took Ponte to document all this, as opposed to Kaplan admitting everything, is an indicator that Kaplan knows that he's been something wrong, that his sleazy liberal deals are best kept secret. If possible. But fortunately for the free flow of information, such secrecy is not possible.

That's why people are concerned, Rick. And that's why people continue to stream away from the MSM.

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