Peek into Dreams

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 | 4:53 AM

Happily, these new screenshots for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, coming soon to a Wii near you, look both beautiful and faithful to the original formula niche Sega loyalists (cough, cough) fell in love with. The original Saturn title created a vivid, lovely 3-D world rich with whimsical music and gameplay that was, for its time, quite graceful and innovative. It was, well-- dreamlike, and I'm psyched to see the bubbles, sparkles and rich colors that made NiGHTS into Dreams tickle some fantasy fancy. Additionally, the music designer from the original NiGHTS is back for the new generation, which is good news-- the original had some of the neatest game music I've ever heard (listen here. Do it!)

I'm still holding my breath, though, to see whether the Wii's controls, still not a perfect science by any stretch of the imagination, can pull this off. The original NiGHTS contained smooth-gliding, intuitive loop-the-loop action; the real fun was in pulling off fluid midair stunts and elaborate flying acrobatics. The only thing that could dampen my enthusiasm for this title is if it turns out to be an unwieldy wrist-wrencher a la Cooking Mama.

For more NiGHTS, check out this interview at NGamer with creator Takeshi Iizuka-- it's heartening to hear his natural affection and enthusiasm for his brainchild come through in his words.

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