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Bad News in Games

Written By mista sense on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 | 5:13 AM

First off, Spore-- which, let me remind, was announced in 2000-- is officially delayed until sometime in Spring 2008-- and possibly even until March 2009. A few months' delay, even a fiscal quarter or two, is pretty much par for the course when dealing with such a highly anticipated, large-scale project as this. But Fall of '06 became Spring of '07, and this is the latest sniffle-and-sigh-inducing update. I can't imagine the performance anxiety that even Mighty Wright must suffer from, but I can't think of a single occasion that any game turned out to be worth waiting eight or nine years for (can you? Nominate it here). Still, despite fickle faith frequently making a fool of me, I've still got tons when it comes to Will Wright.

Secondly, they're casting the Street Fighter flick, and for those who had even a glimmer of hope that the nine-millionth movie based on a fighting game might be faithful to its parent medium (anyone?), the part of Chun Li will probably be played by Jessica Biel. Suck the life out of the screen she might-- but she's hot, and something tells me acting chops are not much use to a Street Fighter film. Still, it might have been nice to see Chun Li played by someone who is... I don't know, maybe Chinese?

No word yet on who else's being considered-- but I would sure like to nominate the incomparably fabulous Jaime King for Cammy.

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