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For Hillary, Victory is Just a Shot Away.

Written By mista sense on Sunday, April 13, 2008 | 12:53 PM

Why I love The Cable Game, reason #9,299,865. An endless procession of idiotic images, presented, as Rod Serling might say in that clinically detached way of his, for my consideration--and yours, too.

Can you imagine, as an aside, what would've happened if Barack Obama had been photographed doing the same thing? Or John McCain?

Thanks CNN, for helping me see beyond my own troubles--through a glass darkly.

Speaking of not seeing things clearly, note the hopeful expression on Clinton's face. What is she thinking? You know--that look of coquetteish expectation. Maybe she just has a thing for chubby men. After all, she fell for Bill Clinton, and then Webb Hubbell.

And one last question: Who are those guys? In particular, the chubby George Hamilton type on the left, who looks like he is sizing up the junior Senator from New York for something. I am not sure what. Maybe that. Or maybe he just wants to sell her a new pair of size 14 stretch pants.

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