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This is CNN--Lecturing The Catholic Church

Written By mista sense on Sunday, April 20, 2008 | 3:01 PM

Should the Roman Catholic Church get lectures from Muslims about living peacefully in this world? Of course, sez CNN.

On Sunday, The Cable Gamer decided to watch some of the other networks, to see how they covered the Pope's visit. In particular, I was interested in Soledad O'Brien, who was, uh, reassigned from "American Morning" awhile back and given various assignments, including the religion beat.

Reporting from Yankee Stadium, where Pope Benedict XVI held an outdoor mass for 60,000, O'Brien seemed distinctly unimpressed. She intro'd two guests, Jim Martin, a Jesuit, and Sayid Hassan al-Qazwini; O'Brien asked Martin a bland question about whether or not the Pope had opened up an in interfaith dialogue; Martin not surprisingly, said "yes."

Then O'Brien turned to Qazwini, immediately launching into questions about whether or not the Pope had been too mean to Muslims, alluding to past Papal speeches. Qazwini took the opportunity that O'Brien handed to him, agreeing, of course, that the Pope had been at fault. But then, affecting the sort of condescension to religious Christians that would make Barack Obama proud, Qazwini added that hopefully, the Pope would do better. And that, of course, is what O'Brien wanted to hear, and so he gave him plenty more airtime.

Now The Cable Gamer has read in the past O'Brien is a solid Catholic--and she had a buncha kids to prove it--as well as a determined brunette. The Cable Gamer still admires Soledad for her sticking up for her brunetteness, but when it comes to issues of faith, it appears that her bosses have gotten to her--the CNN equivalent of the Greenhouse Effect, aka liberal bias--and so for all intents and purposes, so she is just another cookie-cutter CNN liberal.

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