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Written By mista sense on Monday, May 12, 2008 | 6:22 AM

Some of my friends might be insulted to know that I don't ever listen to podcasts, even when I'm on them. I've got nothing against them, of course -- I just find it impossible to make time to sit and listen to them. When I'm out with my iPod or whatever, I need to have a steady stream of music just to make it on The Streets, yo, and talking voices just don't cut it. If I try to listen to a podcast while multitasking, I don't hear what's being said, and I cannot ever just sit still and listen for an hour. There's always something else I need to do, and getting far away from my computer is never the least of these.

Despite my pragmatic reasons, if it ever got out that I was anti-podcast, it might hurt people's feelings, so I try not to ever tell anyone.

Oops! Oh well. Anyway, I may not ever listen to podcasts, but I have no problem being on them. In fact, I usually like it, and enjoyed being part of the GTA IV chat on this week's Blazing Prattles at Crispy Gamer. It was pretty fun, with a couple of my pals on, so check it out if you like. Tell me how I did, 'cause I bet I won't end up listening to it!

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