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Check Which Way the Sun Rises Tomorrow--The New York Times Praises Glenn Beck!

Written By mista sense on Thursday, July 22, 2010 | 1:13 PM

The instant MSM take on the Shirley Sherrod case is that it's all Fox's fault.   Influential liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan, for example, wrote sneeringly this morning of the "Fox News/Drudge/Breitbart media onslaught," as if all those media outlets were one and the same.   Well, Sullivan--an ex-conservative now eager to ingratiate himself with liberals--is a dope, so blinded by bile that he doesn't even notice that Fox News wasn't part of any onslaught against Sherrod. 

So it was refreshing, so say nothing of surprising, to see The New York Times editorial page praising Glenn Beck.  Indeed, the Times dumped on the Obama administration: 

The administration’s haste to fire Ms. Sherrod was unfair and unseemly. She told of how an agriculture under secretary phoned her to demand she resign instantly via her BlackBerry. The official anxiously cited the likelihood the furor would “be on Glenn Beck tonight.”

By the time the conservative commentator took up the issue, the full transcript of the speech was out and Mr. Beck was citing Ms. Sherrod — but as a victim of administration recklessness.

This is kinda hilarious: The Obamans were afraid of what Beck would do, and so they fired Sherrod before they had all the facts.  The Obamans thought that they were so clever, getting ahead of the news cycle, and all that--but in truth, they made a horrendous rush to judgment.   For his part, Beck got it right--just right.  

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