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Media Matters, and David Brock, suffer from Fox Derangment Syndrome

Written By mista sense on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | 7:12 PM

Jeff Bercovici, long a Cable Game fave, sticks it to Media Matters for its obsessive Fox-bashing. 

Jeff is right: It's perfectly fair to bash Fox for things it does wrong, but it's not fair to bash Fox for everything it does--for it's mere existence.

The Cable Gamer has no doubt that George Soros, the prime funder for Media Matters, has given MM a quote of Fox-bashing items, and so in that sense, MM is just doing its job.   But what a corrupt job it is!

But by now, MM has carried its hired purpose to such an extreme that the phenomenon has gone from financial to clinical.  And nobody has gotten more clinical than the founder of MM, David Brock, who once photographed himself in a weirdly masochistic homoerotic pose, just to show how much he suffered as a conservative.  (Alas, the picture doesn't appear to be online, but it was from about 1998, in either Esquire or GQ, and it showed Brock tied to a tree, with arrows in him, St. Sebastian-like.) So obviously Brock has a screw loose. 

TCG is reminded of the phrase, coined in 2003 by the great Charles Krauthammer, "Bush Derangement Syndrome," referring to those liberal politicians and pundits who hated George W. Bush so much that they couldn't see or think straight.

And that's Brock.    Maybe instead of "Fox Derangement Syndrome," we should simply call it, "Brock Derangement Syndrome."

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