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Howard Kurtz: stand-up guy. CNN: weak-kneed weenies.

Written By mista sense on Friday, September 10, 2010 | 2:40 PM

Howard Kurtz is a stand-up guy.   The Cable Gamer has always liked Howie, although that doesn't mean TCG has never criticized him.  For example, sometimes TCG has thought that Kurtz was too partial to his part-time employer, CNN.  But in this story for his full-time employer, the Washington Post, he gives Fox, CNN's rival and nemesis, full credit for "dousing" the story of the crazy Florida preacher, Terry Jones, and his plan to burn Qurans.

Indeed, one has to wonder how long Kurtz will last at CNN if he keeps this up.  At a time when CNN's new hire, Piers Morgan, is busy brown-nosing the Obama administration -- look for him to premiere his show with the President, or maybe Michelle Obama--Kurtz is telling the truth about not only Fox, but also CNN.

In his piece, Kurtz provides a tick-tock on CNN’s embarrassing response to the Jones kerfluffle.  How much more embarrassing can it be for CNN to have its sorry record fully exposed?  CNN totally flip-flopped on the Jones story after finding out that FNC took a clear stance on not airing Jones' stupid proposed act, which may or not happen on Saturday, 9-11.  Who knows and who cares about Jones--and all the others who might pull the same stunt tomorrow--but CNN's weak-kneed response, fully and fairly chronicled by Kurtz, shows not only CNN's lack of courage, but also their true lack of what they are.   CNN likes to bill itself, without any evidence, as the "serious" network, but Jon Klein & Co. had no compunctions, apparently, about covering a pseudo-event.  So in the end, CNN simply followed Fox.

What a bunch of cowards!

Still, TCG predicts that CNN gets tough, in some form or fashion with Kurtz.  If Kurtz keeps telling the truth about Fox and CNN, the Postie really will be in trouble--at CNN.   But there's always a market for honest reporting, Howie.  And a place in our hearts for honest reporters. 

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