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Indie Games Take Manhattan (With Your Help)

Written By mista sense on Monday, September 20, 2010 | 8:49 AM

I've talked to you a bit before about Babycastles, the arcade some friends of mine are founding in a local community space here in New York City. It's meant to be a tangible showcase and play space for independent games, the kind a wider audience wouldn't necessarily encounter on their own. How great for indies, how great for games!

What's more is the founders want to take what they've begun with indie spirit out here in the DIY scene and build a bigger fancier indie arcade IN TIMES SQUARE. Imagine! A mecca for hands-on indie gaming in the culture capital of America! This is something I think all who love games might be interested in supporting.

Babycastles needs funds, though. You guys were so supportive of Kill Screen when I told you about it, and SVGLers helped very much in the fundraising effort -- this is the same kind of idea, a spiritual alternative to what already exists that will be good for the gaming space on the whole.

Every little dollar helps, but the Babycastles team has put together a ton of awesome incentive packages, too (apparently they have added a pixelblock rendering of me to the available bonuses?!). Please check it out and consider making even a small donation in support of a great cause -- we've only got a couple of weeks left!

(Wanna know what it's like? Check the article I wrote -- in the process of researching it, I learned I wanted to do everything I could to help).

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