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"Spitzer hire raises CNN's sleaze factor." What would YOU do if you were Ken Jautz?

Written By mista sense on Saturday, October 2, 2010 | 2:04 PM

What do you suppose new CNN chief Ken Jautz thinks when he reads headlines such as this, "Spitzer hire raises CNN's sleaze factor," in CNN's hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution?  (OK, the real hometime paper of all CNN-ers is The New York Times, but so long as CNN is officially headquarted in Atlanta, the J-C still has disproportionate impact.)

Back to Jautz: Heres what he might be thinking: "That SOB Jon Klein saddled me with that turkey, Spitzer, and then got himself fired, before this show, too, tanks.  And not only will 'Parker Spitzer' inevitably tank--because neither Kathleen Parker nor Eliot Spitzer are ready for primetime--but now I'm going to inherit all the associated sleaze that emanates from Spitzer, past, present, and future. So soon enough, like an unwanted inheritance, Klein's mess will become my mess."

So what can Jautz do?  As he demonstrated in the case of getting rid of the loathsome Rick Sanchez, Jautz is perfectly capable of swift action.  Of doing the right thing, even.

So don't be surprised if Jautz finds  way to engineer the swift departure of "Parker Spitzer."  After all, it was just two days after The New York Times broke the "Client #9" story, on March 10, 2008, that Spitzer resigned as governor of New York.

Don't be surprised if the axe swings quickly.  

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